Yin Yoga

Release and relax!

Yin Yoga is a passive style of yoga, the exercises are held for a very long time and practiced almost exclusively in a sitting or lying position. Due to the long holding time (3-5 minutes), the deeper connective tissue, the fasciae, are worked on. Thus, posture patterns can be broken and the muscles can be stretched optimally.

While holding the poses for a longer period of time, the deeper tissue layers as well as the fascia, tendons and ligaments and other connective tissue layers are stretched. This develops an all-encompassing flexibility and the mobility of the joints as well as the supply of the connective tissue is significantly improved.

The focus during the practice is inward and meditative, while the teacher can bring the students into an even deeper meditative state through the use of "Dharma lectures". These are short talks about the body, the poses or about the energy centers. The teacher may also share spiritual stories or his own experiences and wisdom with the students.

The style is partly based on the traditional Chinese meridian system, which is also used in acupuncture. The aim is to stimulate the energy pathways in these tissues, promote blood flow and create more flexibility.

Yin yoga is very calm and meditative. Because the postures are held for so long, there is plenty of time and space to notice what is happening in your body and find comfort in that, letting go and relaxing a deeper layer both physically and mentally.

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