Fascia Yoga

Get a little deeper!

Fascia Yoga focuses the postures especially on the fasciae, i.e. the connective tissue. This is addressed through flowing movements, vibrations, stretches and intensive feeling of the body.

The condition of our fasciae sometimes has a strong impact on our own well-being and freedom from pain; in addition, our mobility and posture are also related to the fasciae. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, e.g. unnatural postures and too little movement, they stick together and lose important suppleness. This can have various effects - from tenseness to pain.

The fasciae are our connective tissue. They run through the entire body and form a completely enveloping tension network through their connection. Fascia fibers are made of collagen and elastin and are extremely fine, yet tough. They wrap around muscles, penetrate organs and help everything in the body stay in place.

Fascia is also invaluable for our bones, for which it acts as a shock absorber. If tissue is injured, they support the healing process.

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