Aerial Yoga

Come hang with us!

Aerial Yoga is a holistic practice that is characterized by going upside-down postures.

In Aerial Yoga all known asanas are practiced in the air. The aim is to let go and build up strength.

The cloth plays the central role. You can wrap yourself in it and stretch out as well as support, stretch or strain individual body parts with it.

Unlike Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Flow, you practice your asanas floating in the air. The cloth carries you - you feel light and weightless - and supports you during the execution.

In principle, Aerial Yoga is suitable for everyone. Beginners should attend a class at the beginning, in which instructions are given on how to handle the yoga cloth. Advanced students can let off steam in classes in which more acrobatically demanding asanas are practiced. Those who want to lose weight are also well advised to use Aerial Yoga, as the cloth facilitates many exercises and strengthens the muscles all over the body.

Aerial Yoga can also be practiced during pregnancy. However, specific classes for pregnant women are recommended, in which less emphasis is placed on acrobatics and more on relaxation. We do not currently offer these classes.

However, caution is advised if there is known damage to the spine . In this case you should consult your doctor. The many inverted postures are also not suitable for people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, headaches and increased intraocular pressure.

Those who want to gain a completely new experience in their yoga practice should try Aerial Yoga. Because by hanging weightless in the air, the back is relieved and the vertebrae and intervertebral discs are pulled apart. Accordingly, Aerial Yoga can relieve back pain and neck tension. The inverted postures circulate blood to the organs and the brain.

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