Sound Bath for body & soul!

The vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls remind your body to vibrate in natural frequencies again.
Use the sounds that surround you as a focus to find deep meditation and relaxation.

As everyone surely knows, sounds have always had a healing effect on humans. Ancient cultures prove that there have been harmonic sounds since time immemorial, which were also used for healing. The singing bowl meditation is a special form and can be done either lying or sitting.

Through the recurring sounds, the meditator gets his inner peace and can relax completely after a relatively short time. The environment should be quiet and provide a good atmosphere. In addition, this type of meditation is not only something for adults, but also children can participate.

This is your space to let go and release blockages on a physical, emotional and energetic level.
The singing bowls vibrate on the frequencies of our chakras and help you connect with issues from the subconscious and release blockages.

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